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About Us

Our Drivers

Krisztián Fodor

With his 18-years competence, kindness, secure and calm driving style our passangers can trust him safely.

Ákos Gyűrű

He has a big experience and unlimited patience. With his kindness, politeness and up-to-date preparedness, he fascinates our passangers.

József Horváth

He has many years experience as a bus-driver. He can be described as a secure, well-prepared and determined driving style colleague, who is also kind and helpful. There is no impracticable wish of the passangers.

Róbert Kovács

He has more than 25 years experience in the business. With his outstanding passanger-friendly attitude, competence and exceptional work, he continuously secure the standard of our company.

József Németh

He drives safely, he has many years of professional knowledge, and he is also polite and has humility for the profession, at the service of our passangers.

Attila Szála

30 years spent behind the wheel is a great reference for our passangers. It can be stated, that he travelled through Europe safely with a maximum attention of his passangers.

Imre Gál

The owner and manager of the company also likes to sit behind the wheel. Since 40 years he transports safely the passangers. His professionalism and local knowledge is astonishing.

The bus operator of transportation of the year 2013

– NIT Hungary – Entrepreneurs National Transport Trade Association reward

The Transportation Company of the year 2019

– according to the votes of the members of the Hungarian Travel Agencies Association