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Request for an Offer

We kindly ask You to always send Your offer via e-mail! -> transzport@galbusz.hu

In case You need more information before the offer, please contact Krisztina Jakab: 30/308 05 18

We would need the following information for the offer calculation:

  • planned number of participants
  • departure and arrival place
  • program (or at least the planned stops)
  • date
  • contact person details

If You would like to get tour organization service as well, please mark it!

Tour organization services: writting a program, finding or inviting a tour guide, finding or inviting local tour guide, reserve accommodation, reserve restaurant, group registration if anywhere needed.

The price offer contains in any case: The planned km prices, freeway fees, road taxes and drive in permissions. The price for the parking will be invoiced after the tour because it can not be predicted.

Makes the price offers and responsible for the costumer relations: Krisztina Jakab 30/308 05 18

Responsible for the foreign costumer relations: Boróka Buzsáki 96/595-080

Manager: Gál Imre

Owners: Gál Imre and Gálné Somogyi Anikó


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